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Kate joined Pekarsky & Co. in 2018 initially as a Research Associate. Prior to joining the firm, Kate worked as a purchaser for a local equine retail company where she was a key component to the buying team as well as assisting in all aspects of customer service.


Since joining the firm, Kate has advanced her recruiting skills and has successfully executed on various searches within the legal, not-for-profit and professional services sectors. Kate also assists the other members of the team on their search mandates, developing position descriptions and providing research support as well as being responsible for the development of proposals.


Kate holds a Bachelor of Communication & Culture from the University of Calgary. In a previous life, Kate was a competitive showjumper and coach. She competed across Western Canada and worked with amateur riders in developing their skills both on and off the horse.


Through her experience in retail and working with horses, Kate has learned the importance of patient problem solving and brings these skills to her role at the firm. Within the equine space, no progress is ever made by cutting corners and Kate approaches the rest of her life the same way – thoroughness and patience with a pinch of creativity equates success.


Outside of work, Kate is an avid runner and can be found running riverside most days during the week. She also enjoys skiing in the winter, golfing in the summer and is a bonafide bookworm. However, her most important role to date is being an aunt and spending time with her ever-growing army of nieces and nephews.


Blogs by Kate


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  • University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, Communications & Culture, 2016
“Hard work, thoroughness, professionalism and authenticity – these are the rungs to the ladder I call success.”
– Kate




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