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Better Days Ahead – The Ampersand January 2021

December 21, 2020

Dear Friends & Colleagues,


So anxious are we to put 2020 to bed, that we’re sending our first Ampersand of 2021 today! In video form, no less.


Yes, our fledgling film production division has been busy again putting our uniquely Pekarsky & Co. touch on the holiday season. As you will see, if you can’t bring your people to the party, you can at least bring the party to your people. With huge thanks to the amazing team at ATCO Blue Flame Kitchen, the team shared a hilarious and delicious virtual cooking class and gift opening. We wanted to share some of it with you because without you, there’s no us.


Have a well-deserved holiday season and let’s all put 2020 to bed on focus on better days ahead.