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Calgary Marketing Association Panel

April 25, 2018

On Wednesday, April 11th James participated as a guest on a panel for the Calgary Marketing Association on the topic of  “Plotting Your Marketing Career Path”. The panel was made up of recruitment and career development professionals that work in the marketing and communications space in the city. Speaking to an audience that ranged from Chief Marketing Officers to students, the discussion was diverse and engaging. The field of marketing is evolving at an incredible pace, which means in-demand skills are changing and the talent pool needs to adapt quickly. James was able to share his insights on what roles are in demand, how aspiring marketers can go about attaining these skills and landing their dream job. Additionally, he gave some sage advise to employers on how to retain and develop their talent. As Adam regularly says, the onus is on the employer to keep their people happy, engaged, challenged and valued. After a robust Q&A session, the evening ended with great follow-on discussions around the future of the industry in Calgary.