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Canadian Bar Association – ‘Mind the Gap’ Webinar

June 27, 2016


On Friday June 24, 2016 Adam participated in a national Webinar hosted by the Canadian Bar Association.  The talk covered a variety of topics, but focused on ‘minding the gap’, that period of time when members of the workforce are ‘between opportunities’ and generally discussed the challenges lawyers face navigating their careers through uncertain times.  At the conclusion of the event, Adam received a note of thanks from the Acting Executive Director or the CBA saying, “Your ability to jump in on the fly and produce and engaging and relevant session was amazing. Although I do not yet have the evaluations in, I did hear some great things about the day. In fact, I had two people come up to me at the end to tell me that the entire day was one of the best sessions they have been to.”  This talk came on the heels of another presentation Adam did for the CBA Young Lawyers sub-section the week prior.