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Episode 1: The Inaugural We Know People Podcast!

March 15, 2021

We did it! We started our very own Pekarsky & Co. podcast. The Ampersand: Unplugged is a podcast that explores issues of the day that impact our community, affect businesses large and small and explores issues that impact human capital and, more broadly, the human condition. We will tackle everything from leadership to diversity to post Covid office space. Our guests will be well known leaders of our community, political figures, sports celebrities and maybe even just a few fascinating folks you’ve never heard of. As with our monthly Ampersand blog post, which is fast approach 150 editions over the past 11 years, the podcast promises to be thoughtful, provocative, informative and above all, authentic.


In this episode of The Ampersand: Unplugged our two co-hosts, Kiara Marika and Adam Pekarsky, sit down to discuss the idea behind the podcast, the evolution of the firm that brought us to this point and set the stage for future episodes. While this candid conversation between two colleagues and friends reveals some little known facts about Pekarsky & Co., its origins and the road ahead, this episode was really an opportunity to work out the kinks and find our mojo.


Check out the first episode here 👇

Episode 1: The Inaugural We Know People Podcast! 


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