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Episode 12: Dishing Dirt with the Man from Down Under

July 26, 2021

In this episode of The Ampersand: Unplugged, we sit down with our very own Cam McDonald (or, Cameron, when we’re being serious). Originally hailing from Sydney Australia, Cam chased his wife to Canada and has been living in Calgary ever since. He shares stories about fatherhood, raising his two young kids while balancing a busy career. We also share some hilarious Vegas stories, do a deep dive into the difference between retained and contingent recruitment, the differences between Australia and Canada and why Cricket is better than baseball.


We hope you’ll tune in as we just know you’ll appreciate hearing the insights of one of our own and enjoying a front row seat to the truly unique culture at the core of Pekarsky & Co.’s special sauce.


Check it out here 👇

Episode 12: Dishing Dirt with the Man from Down Under


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