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Episode 3: “A Front Row Seat to Making That Difference.”

April 12, 2021

In this episode of The Ampersand: Unplugged, we sit down with Pekarsky & Co. Partner and longest-serving employee, Ranju Shergill. Affectionately known around the firm as “Mom,” Ranju is often referred to as the operational conscience of the enterprise. She is also an immigrant and she leads the Equity, Diversity & Inclusion initiative at Pekarsky & Co. and for Panorama, the global alliance of boutique executive search firms to which Pekarsky & Co. belongs. In this wide-ranging and candid discussion we learn how Ranju first came to search after a 16 year career in environmental sciences, why diversity and inclusion matters, what role executive search firms can play in this critical area and whether she would choose to live without eyebrows or eyelashes.


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Episode 3: “A Front Row Seat to Making That Difference.”


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