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Humanis Talent Acquisition & Advisory – Merger – FAQs

January 23, 2024

Why is the merger happening?

This is a merger of equals that allows the booming Alberta market to be served from north to south, across all industries and functions. By bringing together two firms who share such a deep history in the province, a shared sense of community and the importance of giving back, and a uniquely focused approach to client service and doing the right thing, the Alberta marketplace – whether private or public, not-for-profit or public sector, large or small, global or local – will now be served by one search firm, pooling the most seasoned talent, the latest technology, and best practices for the benefit of our shared client community.


How will the merger benefit clients?

The ultimate benefit to our clients is more talent, more reach, and more resources without more cost, more overhead or more administrivia. The client experience will continue to be second-to-none and the service levels will remain highly personalized. Ours will not feel like one of those large, bloated, global firms with myriad local offices but rather truly local firms, serving their local markets, but with the benefit of national and global reach.


Will there be changes in pricing or contracts?

Our fees will not go up as a result of this merger. But our clients will benefit from our expanded geographic reach, industry expertise and enhanced resources and capabilities.


How will the merger impact ongoing projects or services?

The merger will not impact ongoing projects or services. It will be entirely seamless from a client perspective.


What are the steps being taken to ensure that this is a smooth transition for all our clients and candidates?

We have developed a full communication plan for client and candidate outreach through our traditional channels, including our monthly newsletter, LinkedIn, Facebook, X, and Instagram. There will also be a direct communique to our clients explaining the merger and a comprehensive press release to be issued on or about March 1, 2024, in conjunction with our formal launch. This will be followed with an in-person launch in each city where Humanis operates which will double as an open house for new office space in the markets where this is the case.



Will there be changes in key personnel or contacts?

There will be no changes in key personnel or contacts. The people currently leading a particular search mandate will continue to lead that mandate. The individuals in each office with whom candidates, clients, or suppliers have particularly close relationships will continue post-merger. The only changes will likely be internally focused as we strive to make titles more consistent.


Will there be disruptions in services during the integration?

The timing of the transaction, which coincides with a major office move in Calgary (our first such move in 15 years!), is designed to minimize service disruptions to the greatest extent possible. With news of the merger being shared a quiet basis with our closest community starting in early December, the Calgary office move will take place December 18th, the week before the holidays when all of us tend to need a little down time. The month of December may give rise to a bit of confusion as the Humanis name is introduced to the Calgary market and the Pekarsky name is re-introduced to the Edmonton market (where it has existed for multiple generations) but most of the integration work will be running the background as we develop a shared website, staff shared services and start collaborating on inter-office matters. For a period of time the existing Pekarsky & Co. website will signal a coming change to Humanis and other signs of transition will be visible. None of these will impact our service delivery, timelines or fees and our clients, candidates and community will be served with the same, if not better, service levels to which they have grown accustom.


Will the brand name and identity change?

The Pekarsky & Co. brand will still play a major part in the newly merged firm. The tagline, We Know People, will remain as the merged firm’s tagline. The iconic circled red ampersand will remain at both the forefront of our logo and branding but as the namesake of the beloved monthly newsletter of the same name. The rebranding effort is a strategic decision aimed at better aligning our identity with the expanded scope and capabilities resulting from the merger and it signifies our commitment to growth, innovation, and continued excellence in serving our stakeholders. We promise that the core elements that define our company – our people, our commitment to quality, and our dedication to the communities we serve – will remain, and likely enhance. The new brand name to look out for in the marketplace will be Humanis, but we can assure you that all the people behind the brand will still be the same faces you know.