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Looking Forward – The Ampersand January 2022

January 1, 2022

Dear Friends & Colleagues,


So glad 2020 is finally over! Okay, and 2021. But here’s to a great ’22! It has most certainly been a trying time for us humans down here on planet earth of late. But as we complete another lap around the sun, we see lots of rays of light and reasons for optimism. You see, around here not only are we eternal glass half full types, but we subscribe to the adage that we can only control the things that we can control.


Staying positive. Doing good. Giving back. Or even going back. To school to get your MBA. Or to train to run a marathon. Or take up skiing or even dream of playoff hockey in Alberta in spring!  You can dream. Hey, you’ve gotta be a be a bit of a dreamer these days.


No matter the headlines or the headwinds, so much good stuff is out there if you just choose to see it. The flexibility that comes with working from home. The empathy that comes with knowing others have it way worse than you do. The creativity that comes with making a new mouse trap, developing a new line of business – as we did in 2021 – or opening a new office, as we plan to do in 2022. The humanity that comes with committing — genuinely — to a world of social justice, diversity, equity and inclusion. And above all, the opportunity that comes with living in the greatest little corner of the planet.


From everyone at Pekarsky & Co. to you and yours, happy holidays and nothing but health, happiness and prosperity in 2022.




The Ampersand: Unplugged Podcast Season 2


In season 2 of The Ampersand: Unplugged, we explore the issue of equity, diversity and inclusion as keys to successful recruitment and retention as we emerge into a new normal. We will interview a series of fascinating guests — in pairs this year — and dive into what diversity means and why it matters. We’ll take on the tough conversations. What happens if you’re simply ‘checking a box’ rather committing honestly to creating a culture of true inclusion? What good is diversity without inclusion? And without equity, what good is the rest? So much meat on this bone we can’t wait to dive in!


As you welcome in the new year today, you can ease into 2022 by listening to Episode One! In this episode, co-hosts Kiara Marika and Adam Pekarsky discuss their plans for the season ahead as well as look back at the lessons learned from their inaugural season of hosting The Ampersand: Unplugged.  A candid conversation where Kiara puts her boss on the hot seat about returning to work, and the two have a great conversation about the season ahead and even sprinkle a few Easter eggs about plans at Pekarsky & Co. in 2022.


PS: As executive search experts we get asked questions all the time, so we thought why not answer them live! So if you have any burning questions you would like answered, please let us know by clicking the button below and using “PODCAST” in the subject line. Also don’t worry, we’ll keep it all anonymous!


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