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Our We Know People speaker series with Craig Conroy

September 29, 2015

Our fall season of the We Know People speaker series got off to a great start with Craig Conroy, the Calgary Flames Assistant GM, taking the helm as our guest speaker. Craig addressed a small, select group of friends and clients to share his strategies for building a winning team. Quoting his boss, Brian Burke, he said “if I can’t win a Cup with you, you shouldn’t be on my team.” This is the type of market that allows a rare opportunity to stack your team with the talent you need but could never get in ‘normal’ times such that when ‘normality’ returns, you will be in a position to win.

It was a wonderful evening; while the figurative storm lashed the windows of our office upstairs, we sought shelter in our basement (courtesy of our friends down at The Cellar) and took refuge in the form of good wine and great conversation. The reasons good conversation stays with us are many: the exchange of a new idea, the discovery of a common interest, the chance to share something otherwise unknown about ourselves. The content will change and so might the audience, but good conversation never ceases to leave us feeling sparked and inspired. Unrehearsed and informal (and if were lucky, overflowing with wit), in the midst of good conversation is also where we are often found to be at our best. It is in this spirit of good conversation that Pekarsky & Co. hosts our quarterly We Know People speaker series. Rather than make a captive audience out of our peers and colleagues, Pekarsky & Co. invites community and business leaders to spend an evening with a handful of our closest friends (those we know and those we maybe haven’t even met yet). Here, questions are encouraged, ideas evolve, and laughs are shared.

ConroyCollageStay tuned to our website for more news of our upcoming events here at Pekarsky & Co.