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Partner, Ranju Shergill, attends the 2022 AESC Global Conference in New York City

May 30, 2022

By: Ranju Shergill 


It was truly thrilling to meet with fellow Panorama partners, and AESC Council members at the 2022 AESC Global Conference in New York, attended by 350 delegates from around the world. Over the three days, excellent discussions were had with our Panorama Americas partner firm owners PFM Executive Search, Phelps Group, Kenniff Leadership, Vetted Solutions, The Hunter Group, Buffkin Baker, Boardwalk Consulting, EXEC, and our Chair from MPS Executive Search based in Finland. As a network of independent firms with a common vision to deliver world-class leadership, we welcomed the opportunity to collaborate once again on best practices and business leadership strategies.


As an Americas Council member for AESC and Boutique and Independent Firms (“BIFF”) Strategy Committee member, I was delighted to be a facilitator for the BIFF Forum meetings and attend an Americas Council meeting to discuss the ongoing ways we will be an association dedicated to elevating and strengthening the profession of executive search.


The AESC conference consisted of interesting and inspiring speakers including @MichaelClinton on the recognition of ageism in diversity, and the opportunity to navigate and re-imagine your career life for those of us known as Generation X approaching so-called retirement. Also relevant to our industry and clients was the discussion and presentation by @AnuMadgavkar on the future of work environments and arrangements needed for collaboration and productivity, and the need to re-tool skills for pivoting in our careers with the advance of digital transformation. There were many other wonderful speakers and presentations throughout the day, and in truth, it was incredibly more valuable to receive this content in-person rather than sitting through another virtual webinar!


Ranju Shergill is a Partner at Pekarsky & Co., Office of the Chair and Diversity & Inclusion Committee Lead at Panorama Leadership, and BIFF Strategy Committee Member & Americas Council at AESC