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Pekarsky & Co. sponsors Calgary International Film Festival

September 12, 2017

Pekarsky & Co., Calgary’s leading executive search firm, is pleased to be a sponsor of this year’s Calgary International Film Festival.

“We are huge supporters of the arts and currently working with the Calgary International Film Festival Board on a critical search,” says Founding Partner, Adam Pekarsky. “This is a perfect partnership for our firm and the festival.”


Calgary International Film Festival is a 12-day showcase of up to 200 multi-genre feature and short films from Canada and over 40 other countries. The festival hosts gala events, screenings, special presentations, and a “Behind the Screen” series that emphasizes unique and exciting ways for filmmakers and fans to interact. CIFF is now the largest film festival in Alberta and is the sixth largest in Canada. It is also an Oscar-qualifying festival for short films and was recently named one of “50 Film Festivals Worth the Entry Fee, 2017” by MovieMaker Magazine.


“Festivals such as the Calgary International Film Festival simply would not be possible without the amazing support of our sponsors and partners,”  said Steve Schroeder, Calgary International Film Festival Executive Director.  “In addition to assisting the festival with some critical Board recruitment, Pekarsky & Co. has stepped up with a two year sponsorship commitment for which we are extremely grateful.  It’s great to partner with a firm that ‘walks the walk’ when it comes to community involvement.”



“As an executive search firm,” says Pekarsky, “our job is to help our clients find the best possible talent for their organization. We often channel our inner Vito Corleone by making our candidates ‘an offer they can’t refuse’ though we prefer to stay away from horse heads if we can avoid it.”

So, if you’re looking for five-star talent, from managers to the C-Suite, from start-ups to super-majors, Pekarsky & Co is Calgary’s go-to corporate talent scout. Next time you’re casting for a senior role, talk to Calgary’s top Executive Talent Scouts.  Proud supporters of all things Calgary—including the Calgary International Film Festival.

When you attend the festival this year make sure you get to your seats early so you can see
Pekarsky & Co. on the silver screen. Find out the full line-up for the 18th Calgary International Film Festival that runs from September 20-October 1, 2017 at