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Say What? Feedback to The Ampersand

February 16, 2018

The Feb 1, 2018 edition of The Ampersand certainly got your attention.

To set the context, here’s an cxcerpt from Swing and a Miss:

To me, pitching is like loosening the lid on a jar; it doesn’t feel like you’re making progress with each attempt and, practically speaking, you’re not. But eventually, pop, you break through. You weren’t actually loosening the jar prior to breaking through for a lid is either on or off, a binary proposition like winning or losing; you simply found a better grip, a different angle and a little more strength. Simply not opening the jar, however, is never an option. That’s what’s great about aspiration; it forces you to try, to figure stuff out and, eventually, to succeed.

Watch this video for a sampling of what we heard.

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