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September 2014 Newsletter – You Know What We Did Last Summer

September 4, 2014


Dear Friends and Colleagues,

When last we wrote, summer was just sprouting and we were starting our 5th year birthday celebrations in conjunction with announcing our two month hiatus from newsletter writing. How quickly the time flies. The sugar high of our birthday party now wearing off, a busy autumn lies ahead. After a great Canadian summer of packing in the memories, the Pekarsky Stein team is energized, rested and focused once again. On the adage that a picture tells a 1000 words, here’s our Pekarsky Stein summer 2104 scrapbook.
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It wasn’t all fun and games (and bruises) this summer. Our Edmonton office was selected as the exclusive search firm for Edmonton Economic Development Corporation’s Board search requirements for the next 3 years among other significant wins. While in Calgary we closed two public company General Counsel searches among a spate of finance, accounting and HR searches. So, while we played hard we worked pretty hard too!

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 Finally, on September 18th the men of Pekarsky Stein will once again be walking a mile in her shoes as part of the annual YWCA fundraiser in support of the Sheriff King Home. Please click here and donate generously to this most worthy cause.