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When e-discovery meets big data, can case analytics be far behind?

September 24, 2013

We are living in an era of big data. What does this mean for litigation and for its requisite discovery effort? Lots — and the future is intriguing. The rise of big data forces a shift not only in thinking about the point of e-discovery, but also the approach taken to discovery and how it is managed. It may also bring about new skill sets in lawyers.

“Big data” is a buzzword used to refer to a collection of structured and unstructured data sets so large and complex they are difficult to process using traditional database management software techniques. Some have also suggested big data is identifiable by the “three Vs”: size (volume), the speed with which it is created (velocity), and the type of information the sets contain (variety). Read more  . . .

This article originally appeared on and was written by Dera J. Nevin.  Dera J. Nevin is managing counsel, e-discovery, TD Bank Group. She can be reached at [email protected].