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Suite 200, 137 - 8th Ave SW
Stephen Avenue Mall
Calgary, Alberta T2P 1B4

Calgary Executive Search Firm

Centrally located yet impossibly discreet, the Pekarsky & Co. Calgary office lives in the shadow of the iconic Calgary Tower, safely perched above The Cellar wine store in the historic, century-old Alberta Hotel Building.
Complete with its own rooftop garden and secret passageway to one of Calgary’s finest restaurants, the Pekarsky & Co. brick and sandstone walls are adorned exclusively with Alberta art. The office possess a fengshui powerful enough to ward off the ghost rumoured to roam the building’s many passageways.

Executive Job Opportunities based in Calgary


Though Calgary is, and always has been, an oil and gas town, it has evolved into so much more than cowboy hats and the Calgary Stampede. We can execute an executive search on behalf of clients local and global, private and public, start-up and well-established across numerous industries and job functions.
From medical marijuana to film festivals; from law firms to tech start-ups; from municipalities to boards of directors, if you need talent, look no further.
Calgary is like no other Canadian market. Unless and until you have lived through the ups and downs of a city that rises and falls on the price of a barrel of oil, you can’t possibly understand how aspirational, entrepreneurial and resilient the people of Calgary are.
Job seekers and hiring managers have the same thing in common: they both want the very best opportunities for themselves. We understand this better than most.

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