Nous connaissons des gens

Conocemos a la gente

Wir brauchen leute

We Know People.

Today’s Market is a Global Stage

Many of our clients are international and increasingly our searches are borderless: the best candidates may be anywhere in the world.

We are proud members of a global network of international executive search partners that together form an exclusive alliance of leading independent executive search firms, active over the world’s major time zones.

Together, Panorama has over 30 offices and over 80 partners across Europe, Australasia, The Americas, Africa and Asia. Panorama was founded with a like-minded approach to quality work and shared values and ethics.
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24 Partner Firms
25 Countries
50 Offices
400 People dedicated to leadership advisory




We operate beyond geographical constraints which means each of our partners offer clients both global capability and local sensitivity. We have a long track record of advising clients at the most senior level in our own markets and through Panorama, we share a strategic commitment to excellence.

Search strategy has evolved significantly over the last 15 years. While the size of one’s “Rolodex” used to matter, the Internet and social media has greatly levelled the playing field and all but neutered the advantage once held by those who simply knew more people.

Finding the people, though time consuming and critical, is no longer the hardest part of the process. Global capability means finding candidates anywhere; local sensitivity is the critically important element of knowing the ins and outs of your client and being able to tell the world a compelling and credible story on your behalf.

Our practice areas include:

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  • Arts & Culture
  • Automotive & Industrial
  • Banking, Financial Services
  • Education
  • Legal
  • Professional & Business Healthcare Services
  • Not-for-Profit / NGOs
  • Regulation & Insurance
  • Board
  • Consumer & Retail
  • Digital
  • Media & Marketing
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Public Sector & Government
quote “Developing a talent pipeline ranked among the top five reasons of global business leaders for building a Next Generation talent strategy”

- The New Wave: Next Generation Executive Talent The Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants


Is Panorama its own firm or a collection of other firms who work together when it makes sense?
Both. The beauty of an alliance like Panorama is that the member firms, like us, use it only when it makes sense for our clients. If the search calls for a deep dive in our local geography, we likely would not need to leverage our Panorama partners to assist. If the mandate required us to go around the globe in pursuit of the best possible candidate, we would reach out to our Panorama partners to get them involved. In a situation like that, think of Pekarsky & Co. as the General Contractor and the various Panorama offices as the sub-trades, called upon to make a specific functional or geographic contribution to the search.

There are times, as well, when the Panorama firm itself should be thought of us as the General Contractor and the various member offices viewed as the sub-trades who contribute to the effort. In a case such as this, it’s the Panorama firm whose paper the engagement is written on. It’s case specific and entirely dependant upon the client’s needs and wants.
What’s the difference between a Panorama and a traditional Big 5 Global Executive Search firm?
The primary difference is each member firm maintains its own unique brand identify and culture in its local market. Each office is proudly boutique in nature, with decision-making authority residing solely with the local office. As a result, there is a nimbleness and speed with which a local office can adapt and respond to a client matter without being bogged down by global firm administrivia, zone and district calls, and the resulting overhead that usually gets passed on to the client. The biggest difference, however, is that in a strategic alliance such as Panorama, we get to choose our partners whereas at the Big 5 global executive search firms, they inherit theirs. If we don’t feel that a member firm shares our Panorama values or contributes like an equal partner or demonstrates the required financial or ethical standards required of our alliance, we won’t allow them in to Panorama in the first place.
Practically speaking, how does it work when one office involves another office to assist on a search?
It’s entirely seamless for the client when one Panorama member decides to engage another firm to help. The reporting, invoicing, and communication is entirely local and the client will never feel they are unable to contact someone at the office in the city where they reside. The contributions made by other firms are entirely behind the scenes, though it is highly likely that a Partner from a member firm would join the initial pitch and kick-off, either in person or via Skype or some such web-based tool. The ultimate accountability would rest entirely with the local point of contact to liaise with the client and the fees would be determined entirely by the local point of contact.
What is the single most compelling reason a client would engage a Panorama rather than one of the “Big 5” global executive search firms?
Simply put, it boils down to this: global capability, local sensitivity. The search for talent is borderless: the best candidates may be anywhere in the world (and close to home). Clients increasingly demand candidates with global experience and an international perspective that reflects their business. While the Internet has significantly levelled the playing field in recent years, access to LinkedIn alone is not enough to win the day. Somewhere between a sole proprietor working out of his or her basement and a “Big 5” global firm selling the client on the benefits of their platform, likes Panorama. Think of it as staying at a boutique hotel or shopping at a global corner store; one that knows your preferences yet has locations you can rely upon around the world.


Our global partners have a depth of experience working across all sectors: private, public and non-profit. We’d like to introduce you to some of the leading players in their respective markets who make up the Panorama team.

Meet Carrie Hobson, Hobson Leavy Limited

Carrie Hobson is a founding partner of Hobson Leavy Limited, a retained executive search firm based in Auckland, New Zealand. She co-founded Hobson Leavy over 13 years ago, with a focus on executive level appointments at the highest level across all sectors in New Zealand ranging from start-ups to mature multinationals in both the corporate and not-for- profit sectors.



By Ranju Shergill

Who knew that back in October 2009 when I joined Adam on his new little venture that eight years later I would be flying to New Zealand to meet our global partners. To say that our firm has experienced growth since we first opened our doors would be a flippin’ big understatement, as my new Kiwi friends would say.