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Board of Directors, Epilepsy Association of Calgary (WR: 534)

Alberta, Calgary
Posted 3 years ago


The Epilepsy Association of Calgary is seeking dedicated individuals interested in serving as general directors, or as a Secretary, on its Board of Directors. The Epilepsy Association of Calgary is recruiting individuals with expertise in one or more of the following areas:

• Health Care
• Data & Privacy
• Legal, with a willingness to serve as Secretary


Please submit a CV and a letter of interest to [email protected]. The opportunity will remain open until suitable candidates are found.


The Board of Directors of the Epilepsy Association of Calgary (Association) is collectively accountable to members, community, funders and other stakeholders. They are accountable for the Association’s performance in relation to its mission and strategic objectives, and for the effective stewardship of financial and human resources.


Individual board members have no authority to approve actions by the Association, to direct staff, or to speak on behalf for the Association unless given such authority by the board.


Six hours a month (board meetings, preparing for board meetings, participating in committees and one annual retreat, attending or participating special events).


Elected to an initial two-year term subject to renewal annually without limit.


Board members are responsible for acting in the best long-term interests of the Association and the community and will bring to the task of informed decision-making a broad knowledge and an inclusive perspective.

Principal Duties:
Every member of the Board of Directors, including the Board’s officers, is expected to do the following:
• Prepare for and participate in board meetings
• Listen to others’ views, advocate their own, identify common interests and alternatives, and be open to compromise
• Support governance decisions once made
• Participate in the review of the Association’s mission and objectives and in the development of a strategic plan
• Help the board to monitor the performance of the Association in relation to its mission, objectives, core values and reputation
• Abide by the by-laws, code of conduct, conflict of interest and other polices that apply to the board
• Participate in the approval the annual budget and monitor the financial performance of the Association in relation to it
• Help establish, review and monitor operational polices
• Participate in the hiring of, and if required, the releasing of, the Executive Director
• Participate in the evaluation of the ED
• Identify prospective board members and possibly help recruit them
• Participate in the evaluation of the board itself (annual board self-evaluation)
• Contribute to the work of the board as a member of a board committee
• Attend and participate in the Annual General Meeting
• Be an ambassador for the Association – ensure one’s involvement is known within their own network of friends and contacts
• Keep informed about community issues relevant to the mission and objectives of the Association


The following are considered key job qualifications:
• Knowledge of the community
• Commitment to the Association’s mission and strategic directions
• A commitment of time
• Openness to learning and others’ points of view


The performance of individual directors is evaluated annually in the context of the evaluation of the whole board and is based on the carrying out of duties and responsibilities as outlined above.


A director may be removed from the board, by majority vote, for trying to exercise authority where they have none or for not following the code of conduct or other policies that apply to the board. Being absent from three consecutive board meetings without notice and reasonable cause will result in the automatic removal from the board unless otherwise determined by a decision of the board.


As epilepsy affects 1 – 2% of the general population, statistics show that as many as 20,000 Calgarians may be affected. Fear and misunderstanding surrounding a diagnosis of epilepsy create the conditions for stigmatization. A diagnosis of epilepsy can therefore affect many other parts of an individual’s life from labour force participation to social and mental well-being. At EAC, individuals and caregivers can access programs and services in a community setting that respect the choice, dignity, safety and privacy of individuals, no matter where they are on their journey.

Entering its 65th year of operations, EAC is the oldest association across a network of local associations affiliated with the Canadian Epilepsy Alliance (of which EAC is a charter member). Over its history, EAC has advocated on behalf of those with epilepsy emphasizing at various points in time issues pertaining to housing, employment, vocational and income supports. Today, EAC offers community education, peer support and one on one counselling aimed at equipping individuals their support networks with the knowledge and skills needed to improve well-being and understanding. With offices located on Macleod trail adjacent to the City’s LRT network, EAC aims to ensure presence and accessibility for those who can benefit from our programming and services. A staff of four and volunteer board of directors of eight oversee the operations, financial stability and strategic direction of the EAC.

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