Screening Process

Nurturing our Network
Most the people we work with are currently gainfully employed. They come through our doors to get their wish list on the record. The first place we look for people once retained by the client is our existing pool of contacts. By constantly nurturing our network and having career discussions with everyone from recent grads to CEOs, we are able to strike quickly, quietly and expertly for our clients once retained.

Partner with Us
Once you’re “in our system” you stay there until you want out. We lead with our chin in this business and we’re not afraid to call you about a role that looks good only to learn it may not be exactly what you had in mind. Our goal is to build career-long relationships during which time you will ebb and flow from candidate to client and back again. We want to be there for the entire journey.

Career Match
We live life on the ‘sell side' of the world. As such, our clients typically hire us only after they’ve exhausted their options internally and usually only when the mandate is hard to fill. We take the view that everyone’s a candidate. After all, fewer than one in twenty executives finish their career at the company where they started it.

The key to a great match is understanding what you want in your career, distinguishing the must haves from the nice to haves and truly assessing your motivation and culture fit.  

When the client calls, we ask them the same questions and work toward the perfect match. If you appear to be a fit for a role, we’ll reach out and test our thesis. If the opportunity aligns with your career trajectory, we’ll continue the discussion from there. If you’re not a fit for a role, we’ll be up front and honest and never treat you like inventory on a shelf but always strive to point you in the right direction and give you the best advice possible for the next time opportunity knocks.
Push and Pull
If we've contacted you with an opportunity that you're interested in pursuing, we’ll bring you in for a scrub. Every successful mandate requires a push and a pull. Think of it like two keys required to unlock the door to your next opportunity.

All the motivation in the world to leave your current station won’t bear fruit if there’s nothing pulling you to the next destination. Similarly, the most compelling story in the world won’t unseat you from your current job if you have no reason to leave.  

We don’t believe in on line questionnaires or psychometric testing, at least not at the recruitment stage of the process. Recruitment is deeply personal and emotional undertaking. Placing your fate and that of our clients in the hands of a 40 minute multiple choice test, taken on a given day, in a given mood, with the pressure to give the answers you think they want to hear, is no substitute for diving deep into your heart and soul and true motivation for making a change.  

Like the tagline says, we know people and this means knowing you and what makes you tick. 

We treat our candidates like clients. Today’s candidate is tomorrow’s client and vice versa. Though our clients are the ones who hire us and pay our fees, our candidates usually have more interaction with us than the person who receives our final invoice.

The bond between recruiter and candidate is every bit as critical to a successful outcome as the bond between recruiter and client. The key to a successful match is an in-depth, in person interview of both sides – the client when the search is commenced and the candidate, whenever we have occasion to meet them.  

Our team of professionals have all worked other executive jobs and know what it’s like to be both the hunter and the hunted. We impart this experience during every interaction we have throughout the process and never lose sight the crucial role we play as liaison, trusted advisor and intermediary.

  As a successfully placed candidate noted in her testimonial: "Adam's human touch is remarkable in the world of recruitment. He is not a recruiter; he is a confidant, navigator and advisor in a competitive and challenging landscape. Throughout the process Adam behaved as if I was his only candidate and sole mandate. Responsive, respectful, professional and authentic...Adam genuinely wants the best outcome for both parties."