Pekarsky & Co. is, at its core, a people business. Whether you are recruiting, promoting, assessing, grooming or training them, your people are the soul of your organization. Regardless of the widget you make, the service you sell or the product you market, it is your people who will allow you to reach your organization’s full potential. We are here to help you, and them, get there!

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Contrary to popular belief, the hard part about the search for talent isn’t actually finding the people. People have never been more ‘findable.’ When was the last time you asked, ‘how did you get my number?’ The hard part is understanding the people once you find them. Understanding their motivation, their skills, their aptitude and their attitude. Then, once found and understood, brokering a very real and authentic connection to the client. The robots aren’t taking over. Recruiting people is an inherently human undertaking. That’s where we come in.

Don’t be fooled. Though automation and AI means the application process has become incredibly easy, the flip side is that instead of a candidate truly searching for the roles that they are the best fit for and investing time on those applications, thousands of candidates are applying for every position, making it impossible for a hiring manager to get to the best candidates. No longer are hiring managers looking for a needle in a haystack; they are looking for a needle in a needle stack. That makes it harder for the client to find the right one and harder, still, for the candidate to stand out. Let us help you.



Through training, research and years of on the ground experiences working with and for some of the country’s most complex and interesting companies, we have evolved into whisperers. CEO whisperers; General Counsel whisperers; Leader whisperers. With the world undergoing an incredible transformation, leaders everywhere are seeking advice and they don’t want old answers to new problems.

Our vision is to help organizations achieve their goals by developing entrepreneurial leadership that is innovative, change driven and committed to equity. Our mission is to deliver services that propel mission critical learning, performance and that align with your strategy, culture and capability needs. Whether it’s executive and high potential coaching, psychometric assessments, on-boarding, succession planning, emerging talent leadership development, unconscious bias training, or better understanding and embracing equity, diversity and inclusion we are here to help.


Keynote Speaking and Retreat Facilitation

At Pekarsky & Co. we are natural facilitators; we do it every day in fact. We facilitate dialogue between our clients and candidates; between our community and its stakeholders. We are teachers, thought leaders, and experts in the human condition. We are accredited coaches and facilitators with over 20 years of experience helping organizations who have either lost their way, never defined a clear path, or find themselves in a situation they must change.

We work with you to frame the right questions and understand your context. We have deep expertise in strategic planning and a broad range of sector experience. We get up the learning curve quickly to help you define – or redefine – your organization’s mission, vision and values. We have facilitated numerous change management strategies. We know change can be tough and we’ll work with you to find a fresh new direction that will sustain the change.

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Every member of our team has undergone two rigorous certified Indigenous Awareness training sessions to better understand the multiple levels of segregation these communities have experienced in mainstream society. Specifically, how we, as recruiters, can make a positive difference in the professional world.

Our training provides us with a better understanding of Indigenous Peoples, Canada's Constitution Act and relevant sections, the Truth and Reconciliation Act, and issues impacting Indigenous Peoples. As a team, we have completed further training providing us with insight, strategies, tips, and suggestions which pave a path to respectful and effective Indigenous relations, when viewed specifically through a recruitment lens. Through our improved communications, we strive to create the necessary space for trusting and respectful relationships with Indigenous Peoples and communities.