“… a dynamic, engaging presenter & individual”

Keynote speaker, media commentator, blogger

Adam Pekarsky is a self-described recovering lawyer who didn’t find his true passion until the age of 39 when he started his own business in the midst of a crushing global economic crisis.  He is now leading an award-winning executive search firm and regarded as a trusted advisor to the legal profession.
Adam is a provocative, at times irreverent, speaker who always gives thoughtful and engaging keynote speeches on a broad range of topics impacting the human condition and, more specifically, the lawyer human condition, if you accept the premise that lawyers are, in fact, human.
Adam once infamously followed a two-time Olympic gold medallist at a conference of young entrepreneurs where both were invited as keynote speakers.  As the Olympian left the stage, having completed her talk highlighted by video footage of her on the podium, singing the anthem and being ushered in as the next Canadian hero, Adam took to the mic, looked about the room, and said, “with the greatest of respect, I don’t think any of you will be Olympians like her, but any of you could be an entrepreneur like me.”  Ever since, Adam has been speaking to groups large and small, young and old, from coast to coast.


A natural storyteller, Adam shares insights on a broad range of topics learned over a 20-year career during which he estimates he has interviewed over 3,000 lawyers.  Armed with so much anecdotal data about why people leave, why they stay, what motivates them and what annoys them, Adam is uniquely positioned to share his insights and offer tips about recruiting the best talent, retaining it once you’ve found it, and culling the herd when it makes sense.

A prolific blogger and commentator in various media, Adam’s not shy with his opinions but always strives to leave the audience with a nugget or two to chew on.
Adam is available for speaking engagements on recruitment, retention and other generational nuances and quirks of the human condition all over the world. 



  • Things that organizations do wrong, though they think they’re doing right
  • Recruitment strategies
  • Retention strategies
  • Succession planning in the workplace
  • The evolving workplace marketplace

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We Know People speaker series. Keynote speaking topics. Things that law firms do wrong, though they think they're doing right. Recruitment strategies. Retention strategies. Succession planning in the workplace. The evolving legal marketplace. Introducing Naomi Loewith of Bentham IMF at another sold out Pekarsky & Co.

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The United Way Women United event. Our very own Adam Pekarsky got asked to moderate a discussion amongst four strong & successful female panelists who spoke out on un-ignorable issues facing us today.

Quotes by Adam

“When people leave your organization, resist the urge to trash them on the way out. The “they were never very good, anyway…this is actually a good thing” narrative reflects more poorly on you, than them. For, if they were truly that awful, why did you keep them around as long as you did?”


“Your young people are watching you. If they see you complaining and whining, they will (rightly) assume you are unhappy and the desire to stick around, receive a promotion and be like you one day will be greatly diminished. It’s hard for you to hear this but the brass ring for the young people you’ve hired to replace you isn’t what it once was so if you want someone to feather your nest one day, you’d best appear to be enjoying what you do.”
“Very few people learn in law school how to develop business.  In fact, many lawyers are surprised and terrified to learn upon entering practice that developing business is more important than being technically exceptional. Like they say, ‘A students work for B students at companies founded by C students.’”