Executive Coaching

New strategic alliance with Creative Coaching
to enhance leadership development

We are often asked by clients about our capacity in the area of leadership assessment and executive coaching. However, we prefer to excel in the area we are best known for – which is executive search. We find that executive search firms who bring coaching and assessment in house without proper accreditation or training, invite unintended consequences most significantly, underserving their clients in a critical area.

In light of offering our clients access to top executive coaching and leadership assessment services, and to remain true to our strengths and value, we have created a unique and strategic alliance partnership between Pekarsky & Co. and Creative Coaching.

Through this strategic alliance we know our clients will be in good hands when it comes to coaching of their people, developing their leaders and facilitating a number of leadership and career assessments, to support desired development, as requested by our clients.

Made-in-Alberta strategic alliance

This alliance brings together decades of executive search and leadership development together in an innovative, made-in-Alberta fashion, delivering best practices from across each industry and doing so with the sensibility, approachability and professionalism, that allows each firm to do what it does best. As two independent, highly-regarded and specialized firms, we are now better positioned than ever to strategically complement each other while simultaneously being better equipped to serve the business community we hold near and dear.

Christine Dagenais, Creative Coaching with Adam Pekarsky, Pekarsky & Co.

We eat our own cooking!

Not only do we refer our clients to Creative Coaching, but we use them too. Members of the Pekarsky & Co. team, looking to better develop their own potential, rely on the team at Creative Coaching to do so.



What is the definition of a professional executive coach?
A professional executive coach is an experienced and properly accredited and certified specialist authorized by the International Coaching Federation to practice at the professional highest standards and in alignment with a universal code of ethics.
What is professional executive coaching?
Professional coaching is the practice of partnering with clients in a thought-provoking, unique and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential through the discovery of possibilities and opportunities. Experienced executive coaches can help people challenge the status quo, break through barriers and obstacles in the way of success, and explore the unknown through a series of practices, tools, and resources.
What is leadership development?
Leadership development is the active focus on the development of leadership capability, either as an individual leader, or more broadly as part of an organization’s strategy. All leadership development efforts seek to create strength in the capabilities required for leaders and leadership teams to successfully to deliver on the organization’s objectives, overcome obstacles and empower those around them to foster discretionary effort.

Effective leadership development activities center around core leadership competencies (skills and behaviours) specific to an organization, its industry, the current economic environment and the current stage in its life cycle. Leadership development strategies should be closely aligned to corporate strategy or top-level organizational initiatives to ensure the right people are in place and that they have the right skills to deliver value for the long-term.
When is the right time to engage an Executive Coach?
The best time to engage a professional executive coach is when you are ready to accelerate your career and/or development as a leader and realize your full potential. At Creative Coaching and Pekarsky & Co., we pride ourselves on working with some of Calgary’s highest valued and top performing individuals.
What can I expect to experience with a professional coaching partnership?
Professional executive coaching provides numerous benefits, including:

  • Accelerating Successful Transitions
    Career transitions come with significant change, for both the individual and the organization. Partnering with a professional coach at the beginning of this transition allows for the creation of an intentional and strategic approach that will foster the greatest successes for all parties, in the short and long term.
  • Leadership Development Capability
    Many organizations don’t have a leadership development strategy or have the capacity to take on this critical work. We believe that in today’s complex and ever-changing world, leaders need to be consistently building new skills to keep their organizations competitive and have access to a safe space to practice skills that need development. Our clients find that the time they spend with their coach is often the only time they get to focus on their development, and in doing so they experience significant returns on their time invested.
  • Productivity and Effectiveness Improvements
    Engaging with an executive coach provides you with several methods to help increase your effectiveness as a leader especially in areas like decision-making and emotional intelligence.
  • Global Thinking and Innovation
    Creative Coaching has a dedicated team of professional coaches with decades of experience that span almost all industries, all sizes of organizations and all leadership levels. Partnering with an experienced coach who has such a diverse background allows for the sharing of industry best practice, leading development approaches and best-in-class strategies for business and leadership, that one may not otherwise be exposed to.