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Recruitment & Retention 101

Every organization shares the same goal of attracting and retaining the best talent to their team. Yet, with no Bachelors of Recruitment Sciences offered at university and no certified, professional recruitment designation available in Canada, there is no standard guide or code governing the process of recruiting and retaining the best talent. This is something that virtually every member of the organization will have to participate in during the course of their career, regardless of function, industry or geography in which they work.

This training program is for HR Leaders and Department Managers who have to attract, on-board, support and retain employees as part of their job. This course covers three core topics in recruitment & retention: attracting, assessing and on-boarding new talent.

Your team will the learn core fundamentals of:

Module 1


Attracting Candidates - Eight One Hour Modules

  • Defining position requirements and determining selection criteria
  • Writing a compelling position description, as well as where and how to post your role
  • When/when not to work with a recruiter including how to search for talent on-line (tips and tricks, Boolean searching etc.)
  • Managing internal and external applications
  • Developing screening and assessment procedures for candidates
  • Conducting a thorough candidate pre-screen call
  • Closing off unsuccessful applicants
  • Scheduling interviews with multiple candidates efficiently whilst avoiding confidentiality breaches
Module 2


Assessing Candidates - Seven One Hour Modules

  • Do’s and Don’t’s of a candidate interviewing including being aware of employment law implications and considerations
  • How to conduct a proper behavioural based interview
  • How to manage a short list and communicate effectively with 'active' candidates through the process
  • When/When not to use on-line psychometric assessment tools, what they are and what they do and do not tell you
  • How to conduct a thorough reference check and to listen for what’s not being said
  • Drafting an offer letter
  • Handling offer negotiations and determining what’s a reasonable ask from an unreasonable one: when to give, when to dig in, when to walk away
Module 3


On-boarding Candidates - Six One Hour Modules

  • Once hired, how to effectively on-board a candidate, particularly in a virtual environment
  • How to get new hires busy quickly and establishing/demonstrating value with internal and external stakeholders
  • How to handle training and integration into the team culture
  • Check ins with reports and peers at regular intervals
  • Troubleshooting new hire integration
  • How to manage high performers and provide a career roadmap through the organization

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21 Instructional Hours
Total Program Cost: $3150 + GST
Upon successful completion of the course you will be able to:

Upon completion of the course, you will receive an instructor signed Certificate of Completion from P&Co. Training.